India’s Online Lactation Conference I-OLC 2023


Begin Ed India is officially India’s first

IBLCE Long Term CERPs* Provider

International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE)

* Continuing Education Recognition Points for Lactation Education
(IBLCE LTP#: CL2023-1IN)

  • Excellent sessions by leading speakers from the Indian lactation field
  • Fully online, affordably priced
  • 4 LIVE Sessions, 3 modules, 2 months FULL access
  • Self-paced, with individual login
  • Interactive discussion board with participants and speakers
  • 30 International Lactation Education CERP Hours from IBCLE

Begin Ed India

Conference Sessions

Module 1:

Clinical Sessions – From Assessment to Quality Lactation Care

  • Holistic Lactation Management in the NICU – Rashmi Poduval
  • Low Milk Supply, Induced Lactation, Galactagogues – Dr. Zinal Unadkat
  • Oral Restrictions, Tongue Tie, and More – Prof Dr. Saravanakumar
  • Skilled Lactation Support First: When are Gadgets Necessary? – Dr. Roshni Kaur Sodhi
  • Case Discussion: Lactation Support with Tethered Oral Tissues – Dr. Shruti Jayasurya
  • Case Discussion: Galactagogues in Breastfeeding from an Indian Perspective – Shyamala Sathiaseelan
  • Interview: How Lactation Professionals Support NICU – Dr. Amit Tagare
  • Interview: Lactation Support from the First Hour – Dr. Sujata Sawant
  • Understanding Anatomy and Physiology of Lactation – Dr. Shacchee Baweja
  • Human Milk Composition: Practical Review for the Indian Perspective Ojas SV
  • Lactation Support through Complementary Feeding – Dr. Sushma Malik
  • Supporting Maternal Nutrition during Lactation – Dr. Surabhi Jain
  • Case Discussion: Latching Review Dr. Prachee Shah
  • Case Discussion: Lactation Challenges in the Early Weeks Dr. Surabhi Goverdhan Sangwai
  • Case Discussion: Counselling Skills – Sowndarya R
  • Interview: Lactation Stories from Home Visits – Aparna Vashisht Agarwal

Module 2:

Practical Sessions – From Knowledge to Practice


Module 3:

Collaboration Sessions – From Collaboration to Successful Lactation Outcomes

  • WHO Code/ IMS Act: Why Does it Matter to Public Health in India? Srikanthi Bodapati
  • Communicating with Gravitas Dana Hardy
  • Collaborative Lactation Support: Physical Challenges in Mom and Baby – Dr. Vinodha Vunnam
  • Case Discussion: Skin to Skin After C/S – Varsha Hariharan
  • Case Discussion: Lactation Support to Transition From Bottle to Breast – Dia Jadwani
  • Case Discussion: Birth Team Supporting Breastfeeding Outcomes; Collaborating with Birth Team – Ayisha Chandni
  • Interview: Navigating Cultural Complexities with Lactation Support – Prachi Tejas Pendurkar
  • Research Study: Understanding Breastfeeding Support/ Pregnancy, Labor Room and At Home – Nupur Bidla

The conference is now CLOSED.

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