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Begin Ed India works with lactation organizations in India and Internationally

Blessed Beginnings International continues to meet with parents in various settings around the world.  Through community relationships, public health interventions, and changing norms breastfeeding will one day become uniform for all families. Breastfeeding saves lives, breastfeeding changes lives.  In light of this goal, Blessed Beginnings International has launched the CLP India online lactation course for students across India together with Begin Ed India.


lactation organization in India - ALPI

ALPI is a lactation organization in India working together to provide breastfeeding support and education, promote skilled lactation care, protect breastfeeding through WHO code adherence and policy development, and partner with breastfeeding-focused organizations.

ALPI offers membership and online mentorship for lactation professionals by experts working in India.  Also, ALPI offers many opportunities to grow and network professionally in the lactation field.

Additionally, ALPI offers an Online Mentorship Program.



Lactation Education Resources provides comprehensive online lactation consultant training for those who wish to become eligible for IBCLC certification. They are dedicated to providing high-quality online lactation management training and innovative educational materials for professionals and for new parents online and onsite.  Toward this goal, LER partners with Begin Ed India for the CLP India online lactation course across India.


CFSI is committed to using strengths in administration and technical support to provide services to public health organizations both locally, nationally and globally.

Collaboration for Social Impact strives to support and serve local and national public health professions by:

  • Providing education and training to public health organizations, NGOs and individuals,
  • Providing technical support to public health organizations and NGOs,
  • Providing administrative support to public health organizations and NGOs,
  • Implementing Maternal/ Child Health education and support programs locally and nationally, and
  • Promoting breastfeeding in the local and national community through programs and seminars.


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