NICU Clinical Education Package

Lactation Education for NICU Speciality Cases

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Begin Ed India is officially India’s first

IBLCE Long Term CERPs* Provider

International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE)

* Continuing Education Recognition Points for Lactation Education
(IBLCE LTP#: CL2023-1IN)

NICU Clinical Education Package

What you will learn.

What are Great Pretenders?

Late Preterm babies can be called the great pretenders as they look like full-term, but don't have the developmental abilities of full-term. Learn more in session 1.

Learn the BreaSteps

How to support the premature infant, parents, and hospital staff in the NICU.

PTSD in the NICU

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder brings a new set of challenges to parents and babies in the NICU.

Learn from NICU Professionals

Learn from lactation professionals who work in the NICU as they are interviewed about their knowledge and experience.

Kangaroo Care in Delhi?

Learn about a zero separation and kangaroo mother care program being run in Delhi by the program coordinators.

Clinical Case Sessions

Hear about practical cases and plans of care in four case studies.

Supporting Families Together Across India

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