Breast and Mouth Model

Resources from Begin Ed India to assist Lactation Professionals provide excellent lactation care.

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Begin Ed India is now offering a breast and mouth model to help Lactation Professionals guide mothers/ parents and families through the breastfeeding journey.

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Benefits of the Breast and Mouth Model

Visually Engaging

Showing someone how to breastfeed is better than telling and the breast and mouth models are great visual aids.

Demonstrate Latch

A great latch happens when a baby's mouth is wide and deep on the breast. Both keys are easy to demonstrate with the breast and mouth model.

Color Neutral

Breasts come in all different colors, so Begin Ed India's breast model is color neutral.

Made Locally

Begin Ed India's breast and mouth models are made by local women in Dehradun, providing them income.

Tongue Tie Demonstration

Each mouth model comes with a snap which can be used to show what it tongue tie and how it affects breastfeeding.

Widely Tested

The breast and mouth model has been tested and approved by Lactation Professionals all over India.

Use the Breast and Mouth Model to improve your breastfeeding training and teaching.

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Breast and Mouth Model

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