Growing as a Holistic Lactation Professional

7 sessions to help YOU grow holistically as a lactation professional and a person.

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IBLCE Long Term CERPs* Provider

International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE)

* Continuing Education Recognition Points for Lactation Education
(IBLCE LTP#: CL2023-1IN)

Growing as a Holistic Lactation Professional

GROW through transitions

Lactation Professionals support families through many transitions, but we ourselves are also going through transitions all the time. Change in life is constant. We need to grow holistically in our skills to support transitioning families on all levels, not only clinically.

GROW to care for ourselves

Supporting families is never only about one aspect, but there are multiple factors that impact families in different seasons. As we practice a profession from the heart, if we are not caring for ourselves we cannot effectively care for others.

GROW to listen to our bodies

Our bodies physically change as we age, which can have a big impact on our ability to work and care for families. Learn from the perimenopause session, which is the transition to menopause. We can help support others' transition through menopause when we have knowledge and wisdom.

GROW through grief

Grief can impact everyone differently and is complex in the way it affects each person. Addressing your own grief and helping families cope with their grief is an important skill for lactation professionals, who want to stay relevant and supportive.

GROW to care for our communities

The lactation profession is a caregiving field. Together we need to give love and compassion to our communities, along with excellent lactation support. We can bring hope, during times of joy and times of sorrow.

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