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Which course should I choose?

Begin Ed India offers many courses, so it depends on both your goals and budget. The most comprehensive course is the 100 Hour ACLP course. We also split the course into 2 parts: the 50-Hour CLP Course: Core I and the 50-Hour CLP Course: Core II. Finally, there is a 25-hour course that covers similar topics. Please review the Curriculum List for all course options on the BEI Website.


What are the topics covered in the course curriculum?

The topics are listed on the BEI Curriculum Lists. Let us know if you have more questions.


What are the qualifications required for registration?

The BEI Team understands that lactation support is needed in all levels of society and in all communities. We welcome enrollment from students from all professional and personal backgrounds. Let us know if you have any questions.


Can people from a non-medical background take BEI courses?

YES!! We welcome students from all professional backgrounds. Our courses are in English and work best on a personal computer. Let us know about your individual situation, and the BEI Team will guide you to the best next steps.


Are there any required course materials?

Within each course session, there are resources students can download for their personal study and records. There are recommended readings from this textbook: Breastfeeding and Human Lactation (Wambach/ Spencer, 6th Edition)


What title/ designation can I use after course completion?

After all BEI Courses, the graduate will use the title provided on their certificate of completion. For example, if a student has completed the ACLP 100 Hour course, the BEI graduate can say, “I am an Advanced Certified Lactation Professional (ACLP) who provides lactation consultation and breastfeeding support.”

BEI Lactation Designations

  • 100 H ACLP: Advanced Certified Lactation Professional
  • 50H CLP (Core I/ Core II): Certified Lactation Professional
  • 25H CLSP: Certified Lactation Support Professional

What is the time period/ duration for completing coursework?

A student must complete all sessions/ modules, quizzes and final exams within the ONE-YEAR time limit.


Is there an option for extending course access?

Begin Ed India offers the option to extend course access for an additional 6 months for the price ₹2000 + 18% GST.


How can I pay for the course?

After we receive your BEI Course Registration Form, the BEI Team will send you payment details. You can pay through our online payment gateway or bank transfer. After we receive your payment, you will receive a receipt and your course login.


Is there an installment option to pay the course fees?

BEI does not offer EMI or payment plans. If a student decides to take the 100 Hour ACLP course, we can split the course into 2 parts and 2 payments.


Do you offer discounts?

BEI offers discounts throughout the year, depending on special events. Also, we can offer discounts on a case-by-case basis. Contact the BEI Team with your individual situation.


What is the support offered during courses?

During the course, the BEI Support Team can offer support to individual students during office hours during the work week. We also have several vibrant and active WhatsApp groups to support different needs of students throughout their lactation professional journey. Each month the BEI Team facilitates a Virtual Connect Session, with current BEI Students and Graduates. A student can also opt for individual mentoring sessions on Google Meet by our experienced team, at an additional cost.


What support we can expect from you after the course?

After the course, we encourage our graduates to join ALPI (Association of Lactation Professionals India) for a way to connect with Lactation Professionals across India. BEI Graduates receive a discount on the first membership fees. Also, we do offer continued mentorship through online platforms with our experienced team.


Do I need to become an IBCLC?

This is both a personal and professional choice. Yes, you can become an IBCLC from India and work professionally in India. The BEI Team can support you on this journey. You can also practice with different certificates as a Lactation Professional in India. You can find more information here: Lactation Qualifications in India.


Which IBCLC Pathway should I choose?

The BEI Team can support you in this process. We offer one-on-one mentoring to help you achieve your IBCLC goals. You can listen to our complimentary session on our webpage called: IBCLC Pathways: How do I get there?


Are BEI Courses nationally recognized? 

Begin Ed India is a national collaborative partner with ALPI (Association of Lactation Professionals India).  Through this partnership, all BEI Courses are nationally recognized and offer I-LEHs (India Lactation Education Hours).


Are BEI Courses IBCLE/ LEAARC approved? Are the courses internationally recognized?

Begin Ed India is an approved long-term provider of lactation continuing education hours through IBLCE (BEI IBLCE LTP#: CL2023-1IN).  BEI courses are also offered in international partnership with LER (USA) and BBI (USA). These courses are LEAARC-approved and offer L-CERPs recognized by IBCLE. You can find more information here:

LEAARC (Lactation Education Accreditation and Approval Review Committee)

IBLCE (International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners)


What is the process for course renewal?

All BEI Certificates are renewable every 5 years through continuing education and a small renewal fee. After receiving your online application for renewal and your renewal fees, the BEI Team will send you an updated certificate. Please see the CLP/ ACLP India Certification Renewal Process. 


How can I continue to grow in my knowledge after my course is over?

There are many options after you complete your coursework. BEI offers additional coursework you can take alongside your course or after completing your coursework. We also have an annual online lactation conference (India’s Online Lactation Conference/ I-OLC), which offers continuing education credits. Finally, there are many other options for webinars, conferences, and so on. Let us know how we can support you on this journey as a Lactation Professional.


What is the Scope of Practice after completing BEI courses?

Please read the following: CLP/ ACLP Scope of Practice.


Where can I work after completing BEI courses?

BEI Graduates have worked in many settings across India. It depends on your location, but we can connect you with other Lactation Professionals to support you in your region. BEI Graduates have taken postings in hospitals, OPDs, private practice, nursing homes, NGOs, community settings, and more.


Can I charge for my services? How much?

This also depends on your location. It is important to network in your local community with other Lactation Professionals. Consider how much time your consultation is, how much pediatricians and OB/ Gynac charge in your local community, and what your costs are to keep practicing as a Lactation Professional.


What is the recertification process for Begin Ed India’s Certifications?

All BEI Certifications are provided for a 5-year time period.  After that, all certifications must be renewed through the BEI Renewal Process 


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