Conference FAQs

India’s Online Lactation Conference (I-OLC) now CLOSED!


Who is this conference for? Can anyone join?

All are welcome!! More specifically, anyone working with breastfeeding families or planning to work with bf families. Especially, lactation support people.

I am a qualified Lactational Professional do I still need to learn more?

The biggest strength, as well as challenge, of the lactation field is it is dynamic. Each day LPs learn something new. Join us to hear speakers, working in lactation and allied fields, share their experiences. You will have a chance to interact with them virtually throughout the conference.

What is special about this conference?

The topics and sessions are India specific. Even with complicated cases if the basics of lactation support are utilized, we see better outcomes. These sessions are taken from experts working in India for many years and thus understand the challenges and solutions for Indian settings.

Why do I need to pay for the conference? Many are available for free.

This conference involves much work and preparation for YOU by a skilled team. The sessions are available for one month online access, including 3 LIVE sessions with speakers and participants. We want the conference to be sustainable and continue to bring an excellent conference to you each year.

What are the benefits of participating in the conference?

a) Increase in knowledge and skills of India specific topics
b) Continued learning via online discussion boards and live sessions during the conference
c) Lactation education hours
d) Networking opportunities